What’s Hot

Rural will rule. “Farmers will be the new oil barons.”

Cities will be countrified, with vertical agriculture, parks, and landscaping. “Food in the city will be better than in the country.”

Androgyny will be hot.

Animal husbandry will be a promising new career. “Young Americans will learn to be shepherds.”

Modernist architecture will make a comeback. “Once again, we’ll want to live in a box, because it makes us feel calm and organized.”

Covering up with veils and layers will be cool. “We’ll show much less skin. Between fundamentalist and fashionista there will be no difference. Which is the beginning of the cure of our differences.”

Mushrooms will be ubiquitous. “It’s definitely a time for magic and disproportion. We desperately need relief from too much reality.”

Eccentricity will be cultivated. “There will be a global quest for the unique, decadent, and decorative.”