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The original HTC [PINK:HTCKF] Touch wasn’t a big critical hit when it arrived last year; it was widely panned for having a clunky touchscreen, too-small keys that could only be operable with a stylus, and not enough custom features on top of Windows Mobile. The HTC Touch Diamond corrected a lot of those flaws, but still left the masses wanting a more economical 3G touch-based smartphone from HTC. Now they’ve delivered.

The Touch 3G will have a quad-band GSM radio and AGPS, as well as Bluetooth and a 3.2MP camera. It will also sport a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and run HTC’s new TouchFLO interface, which builds upon the promise of the first generation TouchFLO by adding more proprietary features and looks to a Windows 6.1 foundation. It will be targeted at developing mobile markets.