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Perhaps sensing a hole in their otherwise-comprehensive product line of consumer electronics, Asus has endeavored to create a smartphone called the Galaxy7. Assuming a candy-bar form factor and a touchscreen interface, it looks to be kith and kin with the Samsung [SEO:005930] Omnia, with which it will presumably compete. The Galaxy7 will sport a 5MP camera with auto-focus, a front camera for video calling and a touchpad-cum-trackball controller.

The device will run Windows 6.1, and have 4GB of memory on-board, and run the Glide 1.5 user interface. As far as other specs go, there’s quad-band 3G wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth, AGPS, and a spiffy-looking 3.5-inch touchscreen running the show. No word on price or availability just yet, but knowing Asus, it’ll be available for purchase in about 10 minutes.