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Fast 50: 2006 Winners

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The 5th Annual Fast 50

Sure, there's plenty to fret about in the coming decade—dwindling natural resources, swelling populations, whipsawing technology, and growing conflict. But are we scared? Hell, no. The possibilities are multiplying, too. We're learning to engineer human organs from our own tissue, generate solar power on a vast scale, build robots to fight our wars—and even make a cubicle we'd actually want to work in. Inside, 50 portraits from the future: people in business, technology, government, the arts, and beyond who are writing the history of the next 10 years. No, they aren't all heroes. Some are simply seizing an opportunity. But they're all smart, and they all tell you a lot about where we're heading.

* And one note for the literal-minded: This is a list, not a ranking. In this gallery of imagination, No. 1 gets no more laurels than No. 50.

  1. Bruce Osborn Stirling Energy Systems
  2. Michael Funk United Natural Foods
  3. William and Victor Fung Li & Fung Ltd.
  4. Bill Clinton
  5. Judge John E. Jones III
  6. Anthony Atala Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  7. Joe Duffy Duffy & Partners
  8. Elizabeth Charnock Cataphora
  9. Phillip Alvelda MobiTV
  10. James Jianzhang Liang, Neil Nanpeng Shen, and Min Fan CTrip
  11. Gary Jackson Blackwater USA
  12. Rakesh Khurana, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Nitin Nohria Harvard Business School
  13. David Green Project Impact
  14. Scott Storch
  15. Roisin Heneghan and Shih-Fu Peng heneghan.peng
  16. Raza Khan and Vishal Garg MyRichUncle
  17. Lindsey Oliver Al Jazeera International
  18. Bill Gates Microsoft
  19. Gary Guthart
  20. Charles Holliday DuPont
  21. Bob Bowman MLB Advanced Media
  22. Peter Head Arup
  23. Maryam Banikarim Univision
  24. Patrick Grady Rearden Commerce
  25. Arvind Palep and Serge Patzak 1st Avenue Machine
    Selina Lo Ruckus Wireless
  1. Robert Langer MIT
  2. Lynn Fritz Fritz Institute
  3. Patricia Urquiola Furniture designer
  4. Sam Keller Art Basel Miami Beach
  5. George Church Personal Genome Project
  6. Jennie Mather Raven Biotechnologies
  7. General Electric
  8. Bill Hambrecht WR Hambrecht Co.
  9. Michael Viscardi
  10. Clay Johnson, Ben Self, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Joe Rospars Blue State Digital
  11. Will Wright Spore
  12. Jane Friedman HarperCollins
  13. Steve Adams Strategic National Stockpile
  14. Robert and Bryant Linares
  15. Terry Semel Yahoo
  16. Jonathan Klein Getty Images
  17. Hunter Hoffman University of Washington
  18. Steven Brill Verified Identity Pass Inc.
  19. Thomas Cassidy General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
  20. Michael C. Howe MinuteClinic
  21. Vic Richey CEO, ESCO Technologies
  22. Douglas Ball For Herman Miller
  23. Jonathan Bock
  24. David Fine CyTerra Corp.

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