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Guess what?  Baby time isn't as freewheeling as we thought.  Without a consistent daily schedule, babies get overstimulated, cranky and don't sleep much at night...when we want to sleep.

The same can happen at work.  i am sure you've set up a great schedule for today.  Then, work happens, clients call, you spill coffee on yourself, your computer locks up, etc.  So if you can't stay to a schedule, what do you do?

 Try this proven method of getting a good day's work out of a not-so-good day:

1.    Start the day with a latte (or your non-adult beverage of choice).
2.    Make a list of what needs to be done TODAY (not tomorrow, next week etc., you’re not there yet).
3.    Do three easy things to get some traction, then one hard thing you’ve been putting off – do it in the morning while you have the energy.
4.    Ignore your phone and put an ‘unavailable’ extended absence greeting on vmail.  Return calls later in the day or tomorrow.
5.    Do email twice today.  First thing and last thing.  If it isn’t from the boss or the CEO, ignore until tomorrow.
6.    Take frequent breaks to clear your mind.
7.    Find a comic or other thing that makes you laugh, and laugh every hour.
8.    A thirty minute lunch (minimum) is required.  Eat alone or with others, but NOT at your desk. NO work.
9.    If possible, go for a brisk ten minute walk.
10.    Have chocolate as part of lunch – it’s a good treat, and the compounds in it work like morphine.
11.    Just after lunch, take a look at all you accomplished.
12.    Rework your list, do one harder thing you’ve been putting off – you’ll burn off some of that lunch.
13.    Push through until your normal end time, and then do ONE more thing that will take you no more than an hour.
14.    Review all that you’ve accomplished on the list you made in the morning. GREAT WORK!
15.    GO HOME and do something fun.
16.    Rinse and repeat.

 Make it a GREAT day today!