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Let's say you take a lot of photos. A lot of photos. Like, tens of thousands. Well, SanDisk [NASDAQ:SNDK] announced the CompactFlash card of your dreams this week: a 32GB card, double their old max capacity of 16GB. The new 32GB card will be branded in SanDisk's Extreme III series.

Before this announcement, you couldn't really consider CompactFlash cards anything but still camera storage, for practical purposes. But with that much space, storing even HD video seems feasible: about 80-minutes worth will fit on SanDisk's new card, which isn't too shabby.

That might be part of SanDisk's appeal. They advertise the Extreme III series' dramatic temperture tolerance, as well as their physical durability, which could make CF camcorders a great deal smaller, simpler and more rugged than before. They would also allow users to skip to any spot in a recording, unlike tape, which needs to be rewound or fast-forwarded.

The 32GB card will retail for $300 when it comes out in October, and is speed rated to 30MB/sec transfer speed.