Suzanne Greco

Vice President of Research & Development , SUBWAY®

Suzanne Greco is the Vice President of Research & Development for the SUBWAY® restaurant
chain, a position she has held since 1988. In this capacity, she oversees a team that includes
the company’s executive chef, baking specialist, dietician, and food scientists. Together
they and the rest of the R&D staff work on many aspects of new product development, the
establishment of product specifications, nutritional values, and maintaining product quality.

Since officially joining SUBWAY® headquarters in 1986, Suzanne has seen the chain grow from
597 restaurants, at the time she began her career, to more than 35,000 units in 98 countries

Some of the highlights of her career have included the introduction of a nationwide breakfast
program, Fresh Toasted Subs, seasoned breads, and gourmet sandwich sauces, as well as
establishment of the SUBWAY® brand’s popular “7 Under 6” line of seven submarine sandwiches
with 6 grams of fat or less.