Katherine Crowley

Founder of K Squared Enterprises

Katherine Crowley is a Harvard trained psychotherapist. Along with Kathi Elster, a management consultant, she is the founder of K Squared Enterprises.

Since 1989, they’ve combined their complementary expertise to develop a unique method for dealing with difficult people and challenging conditions at work. Their inside-out approach transforms the way businesses uncover and resolve their greatest interpersonal dilemmas. Bestselling author, educator, and public speaker, Katherine is a seasoned guide in the area of professional fulfillment through self-awareness and self-management. She uses humor and a slue of engaging techniques to mediate solutions for individuals at every level of employment -- from executives to managers to frontline employees.

Her new book (with Kathi Elster) is WORKING FOR YOU ISN’T WORKING FOR ME: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss.