John H. (Jack) Zenger D.B.A

CEO , Zenger Folkman

Jack Zenger is a world-renowned behaviorist and the premier authority on leadership
development today. He has founded three training development firms including Zenger-Miller,
named by The Wall St. Journal as a top 10 supplier of executive development, and is currently
the CEO of Zenger Folkman. He served as VP of Human Resources for Syntex Corporation,
and a Group VP of the Times Mirror Corporation. He has served on the faculty at University
of Southern California and later taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 1994,
Jack was inducted into the Human Resources Development Hall of Fame. His colleagues in
the training industry awarded him the “Thought Leadership Award” in 2007 and he is the 2011
recipient of the American Society of Training and Development’s Lifetime Achievement in
Workplace Learning and Performance Award that is given to one person each year. He has
developed multiple award-winning leadership programs, influencing Fortune 500 companies
and shaping the training & development industry. Jack is a bestselling author and has authored
or co-authored 50 articles and 9 books on leadership, productivity, coaching, training and