Faisal Hoque

Entrepreneur | Author , MiND2MiND Exchange, B2B ForeSight, and Others

Founder of SHADOKA and other companies. Newest book “Everything Connects” (McGraw Hill). Twitter: @faisal_hoque. Formerly of GE, and other global brands.

Shadoka's portfolio of companies (R&D driven products, services, and thought leadership) accelerates individual and organizational sustainable growth. Contributor to Fast Company, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post. I've also written for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and Leadership Excellence, among others.

I am a devoted student of life, entrepreneurship, and humanity. I left my birth-land Bangladesh at the age of 17, and now call America my home. More about me at www.faisalhoque.com, www.everythingconnectsthebook.com, or at www.shadoka.com.