Christiana Wyly

environmental advocate

Christiana Wyly is an environmental advocate and a venture partner at Satori Capital, an investment firm focused on sustainable investing, providing conscious capital and helping to grow the market for products and firms dedicated to a sustainable future. Christiana’s unique perspective as a twenty-something businesswoman has landed her on the cover of Kiplinger's and inside The New York Times, C Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, The Herald Tribune and, among others.

In addition to contributing regularly to the’s “Green” column, Christiana is a frequent lecturer. Her recent speaking engagements include the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C., the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Conscious Capitalism Conference in Austin, Texas, Hollywood Goes Green in Los Angeles, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali.

She was a founding partner of an online network for people who want to change the world, which was sold to Gaiam, inc. in 2007. Her passion for social technology, and global change and empowering young entrepreneurs globally keeps her on the cutting edge of new media and emerging ideas.

Christiana is also active with a variety of non-profits. She holds a Founders Circle position at FLOW, the organization co-founded by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey that promotes entrepreneurial initiatives focused on creating sustainable prosperity. She also serves on the L.A. Committee for Global Green USA.

As a young girl, Christiana inspired her father, Sam Wyly's, environmental education, which ultimately led him to found one of the largest clean-energy companies in the country, Green Mountain Energy. It was this experience that showed her how business can be a powerful force for change. Christiana remains actively involved in the company, and she and her father are in the process of coauthoring a book about its creation and its ongoing mission and success.