• This week, high-end lifestyle electronics maker Bang & Olufsen announced its BeoSound 5 Encore, an “affordable” version of its BeoSound stereo system, clocking in at $3,555 -- down from $6,000 -- that can consolidate all of your music libraries and play them at maximum digital audio quality. And though the company has consistently targeted the audiophile, it appears to be doubling down on the notion that there is still a market for people who don’t want to listen to their MP3s at 128 or 256 kbs.

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  • "Sound and Geometry." What visions do these two words evoke, if you could visualize them any way you liked? That was the creative brief that SR Partners extended to 30 digital magicians -- er, motion graphics designers -- with an offer to pair each of them up with an eminent sound designer to see what would happen. The results are collected in a short film called Resonance, which SR Partners is touring around to film and design festivals.

    [vimeo 25186640] [Skip ahead to :50 - the front matter is interminable.]

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  • For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of visualizing music, of watching it twist and turn and bend through the protean halls of space-time, allow Süperfad to fill what your imaginations (or your drugs) have cruelly withheld: The American design studio (sorry, stüdio) produced a short, live-action film recently that paints an abstract portrait of what it’s like to actually see music.

    [vimeo 24532073] [Is it just us or does the beginning sound like Coolio?]

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  • Yoel Fink, a materials-science professor at MIT, has invented a new type of fiber that can detect and produce sound--potentially opening the way for shirts that are also microphones or voice recorders, or tiny fibers which could measure your vitals.

    Fink has long thought that we should be able to demand a lot more from the fibers in our clothes. So for a decade, his lab has been developing fibers that can interact with their environment. His newest creation, with Shunji Egusa, Noémie Chocat, and Zheng Wang, will be published in next month's Nature Materials.

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  • You might not believe this, but video isn’t everything.

    The fact is, until you discover your company’s story first, video doesn’t mean much.

    One of the secrets to discovering and eventually “seeing” your company’s video story before you produce it is by first “hearing” it.

    There are five common ways to imagine your video story through sound:
    1.    Interviews

    2.    Themes

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