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  • On one of my more lethargic post-lunch procrastination sessions recently, after a particularly soporific curry, I stumbled upon Free Rice, a site that a friend had sent me a while ago but I hadn't really taken the time to look at.

    Half an hour later my food coma had lifted but I was still clicking away. Talk about addictive… The thing was I didn't really feel all that guilty.


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  • It's that time of year. The time when folks start focusing on loved ones — and, well, giving. Some of us are even thinking about the charitable contributions that we can make by year's end.

    This year, the Case Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Steve Case (of AOL) and his wife Jean, decided to highlight simple ways individuals can give their time or money to improve their communities and the world.

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  • The devastation Hurricane Katrina has wrought has been overwhelming and difficult to process. I'm sure many of you out there feel powerless to do anything to help.

    Kudos then to Strengthen the Good for its efforts to harness the passion of the blogosphere and its many devoted readers to do something positive to ameliorate the suffering and destruction of the hurricane's wake. As Alan posted:

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  • Have you received important support in your professional (or personal) life from an unlikely source, beyond family and close friends? I have... and it has committed me to "paying it forward."

    I haven't had the good fortune of many strong mentors in my career... which probably at least partially explains why I'm much happier running my own show than playing the corporate game.

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  • When I arrived at work this morning, I had a brown paper bag at my desk that I've been instructed to put money into. No, there's nothing untoward taking place here, just a great idea to give something back. Monday is Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger day. The idea is for us overfed office workers to forego lunch one day and take what we would've spent and donate it to City Harvest to help feed New York City children in need.

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