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  • Whenever we interview startups (which will be often here on FastCompany.TV) we hear "we're an Amazon shop" quite frequently. What does that mean? Well, for photosharing service SmugMug it means saving a ton of money by having Amazon store all of its data on its S3 Web Service. We don't know of a technology that's changing the infrastructure of business faster than what Amazon's built, so we went to Amazon's headquarters to talk with Jeff Barr, Amazon's evangelist for its Web Services team, to find out Amazon's plans.

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  • The other day, while driving, I got a phone call - luckily I have a bluetooth phone and vehicle equipped to handle it. So, this was a business call that entailed me rescheduling a meeting and canceling a reservation.  Well thank god for pen and paper, otherwise I'd be up a creek.  As I ended my call and pulled into the nearest parking lot to make the adjustments, I began to wonder, why can't I do all this and MORE while still driving down the street.

    LIGHTBULB moment!

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