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Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg

  • When Fast Company first wrote about Facebook, in 2007, the service had 19 million users. Today, it has north of 1 billion. I'd like to say that we knew Facebook would become a world-changing juggernaut. We did not. But we were convinced that social media would become an increasingly important part of business and culture, and Mark Zuckerberg offered a compelling backstory we could use to engage readers. Whether Facebook ultimately succeeded or failed, the rise of social media, we believed, was unstoppable.

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  • I'll always edit up to three pages at no cost. It is important for the writer to see the style of the editor. We all work differently. I do a line edit and pages of notes. The notes are for overall issues and the line edit gives them a definitive path for each issue I raise so a writer is not left in the dark about what to do. I'm also on the higher priced side, so it is especially important that writers know what they are getting for the money and view it as a valuable trade. Never just consider price, though. Look at strengths and weaknesses.

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  • There are lots of options when it comes to uploading video to the internet. You can use your own server or any number of hosting services like blip, revver, youtube, veoh, vimeo, viddler, etc.

    There are pros and cons to either DiY hosting or using a service. Either way, the result is the same. Your videos play on your site, and there are some kind of sharing or downloading options. However, it might make a difference where you put your videos...

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  • Asynchronous Video Threading

    I spent the day on Seesmic yesterday and had a 90-post conversation involving several of the members. I'll say first of all that Seesmic has made TONS of improvements since Andrew Lipson gave me an invite 3 months ago. They're always making improvements to their site, so this post may very well be outdated relatively soon. :)

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