• For many of us, AC/DC evokes memories of homecoming dance soundtracks and warm summer nights in a teenager’s Camaro. However, the bad schoolboys of rock have some valuable lessons to impart to copywriters as well.

    1: "I’m just making my play. Don’t try to push your luck, just get out of my way…I’m back, back in black"

    "A degree in English means you’ll be a high school teacher the rest of your life." "I guess you don’t ever want to earn enough money to support your family."

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  • The one thing about the United Technologies corporate print advertising campaign I’m glad about: I haven’t seen it in any recent business magazine issues. And that’s about it. Yes, I think UTC is an exceptional global infrastructure holding company, has a portfolio of great brands, has strong and long standing leadership, and makes good decisions.

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  • Undeleted email of the day … View PDF

    In a nutshell: a company called REMO asking its community very directly to help them continue to stay viable,  by buying their product.

    In the fuming pile of spam I pooper scoop each morning, this got momentarily retrieved when I saw "SOS" in the subject line - why, it could be a friend in need, or my employer yanking me back to the office, and it doesn't sound like the Treasurer of a Nigerian Bank either ... 

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