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  • To the good people at Twitter, I have one thing to say: Know and accept who you are!

    I say this because of your recent decision to begin placing ads on your Twitter sites. I know you’ve stated that you won’t put ads on, but I believe that like I believe Ralph Nader has a real shot at the White House. Money talks in business and if your test runs in Japan and elsewhere show some promising signs of bringing in the dough, I am sure we are going to see some backtracking that would make Deion Sanders proud.

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  • Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide. - Napoleon Bonaparte

    Here at, we discuss leadership and its application on business. We realize leadership is applicable in all areas of life and many of the ideas and skills we talk about can be used outside the workplace. But out of all the leadership skill we discuss, the ability to make a decision is the most important.

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