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  • If you’re like me (most people are not), you have two children – plus one on the way, three cats and two dogs. Whew! With all of that chaos under one roof, it’s incredibly important that the kids play by the rules, the cats ... well, act like cats and the dogs know how to sit, lay down, heal, fetch the shoes, and so on and so on. Sounds reasonable, right? Only one tiny problem — I don’t live in La La land.

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  • With my home base in the Midwest, I have had the privilege of working with local businesses with a few employees, and multi-billion dollar corporations.  One day I can be traveling overseas and the next day I can be meeting with a local family owned company.  There is a lot that I have learned working and developing ideas in both areas.  The most compelling difference can be witnessed in the mind of the client.

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