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  • I am unable to post anything at all to my personal blog (though I successfully created a group, a blog for that group, and posting to that blog). Whatever I type, today when I submit I get this message: 

         ! blog : This post can't be referenced.

    On previous days I got the message that I was suspected of being spam, but when I typed in the "captcha" and clicked submit, I got the above message. Today it just skips that step. Can anyone help?


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  • Now that the site is out of beta, we've converted this group as a place for site advisors and testers. We hope you'll continue to participate. We have been reviewing your suggestions and acting on many of them. If you haven't seen your fix make it to the site yet, it may be because our developers haven't yet gotten to it. They've literally worked all through the night several days in a row. We'll be rolling out new waves of changes every 48 hours or so. Many thanks, Ed Sussman,

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  • Thanks so much to all of the beta testers who have contributed so far. We are working like crazy tweaking the site, addressing as many of your concerns as we can. All suggestions, from minor errors to overall strategy, are very welcome. It's amazing how a small team of QA professionals can't be nearly as thorough as a group of volunteers from the reader community.

    A few questions I'd specifically love to hear your opinion about include:

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