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    Virtual worlds like Second Life are massive, interactive places that are as diverse as the Web itself. Is it possible to find real world creative talent in the metaverse? Of course! Here are six creative skills that exist in plain view — and how to dig deeper.

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  • Never pre-judge. Don't think a person my be too old for a job.

    A person's work experience can be more valuable than a college degree. When you interview to fill a job position, do not make the mistake of not considering older people. Many startups believe only young people understand technology. Anyone can learn technology.

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  • Why do some people succeed and others don't? Two sports teams with equal talent and the same records. One wins the championship and the other doesn't. Why?

    Two animators or texture mappers enter a contest. Both have the same level of talent. One wins the contest the other doesn't. Why?

    Being successful or being mediocre is your choice. It is just as easy to be successful as it is to be mediocre.

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  • Avatars are important! I believe as online communication increases and as virtual worlds become more commonplace, the avatar we choose to be, becomes part of our online identity.

    We buy books at Amazon, music from iTunes; we buy and sell items on eBay. Use a credit card or PayPal and you can buy whatever you want.

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  • Avatars are excellent for online education. They provide the human interaction that is natural in classrooms and in the traditional learning environment.

    I teach students online. Message boards, email, and instant messaging are great tools for writing. But what about voice communication! Posting a question on a message board is useful but many times asking the question is better. It is instant, direct, and uses the nuance of voice. Skype works well but avatars are better.

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