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  • We know it's a bit past season for this, what with spring weather springing (and then some), but we couldn't resist: Paris-based 5.5 Designers have designed a line of heaters that's so gorgeous, you'll wish it were Snowpocalypse all over again.

    Developed for the French innovation company Saazs, the Matières à Chaud (literally "Hot Matters") radiators draw on innovative heat-conducting technology to tamp mega warmth into a single sheet of glass that's incredibly — beautifully — only half an inch thick.

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  • 5.5 Designers, one of the wittiest and most whimsical design studios working in France today, unveiled an exuberant new lamp for the Italian company Skitsch recently. We'll let this charming little sketch tell you everything you need to know about it:

    In short: It could be raining, sleeting, hailing, or snowing like it's January in Siberia right outside your window, and Skylight, as the fixture is called, will make your kitchen feel like the beach at St. Tropez.

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