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  • An app called TwitVid launched on the iTunes App Store today, enabling iPhone 3G S owners to record "video tweets" and post them to Twitter just as they would with photos, links, and text. The app is one of the first to make use of the new iPhone's video capabilities, and is made by a pair of Canadian college students and their venture-backed startup EatLime. The app is tied to a companion site,


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  • The secret is out: the most innovative abilities of the new iPhone OS 3.0 are hamstrung by AT&T's idiotic inability to keep pace with Apple. And people are pissed.

    Once, that knowledge was the purview of the few, the obsessed, the technorati. "Why is the iPhone not subsidized?" they asked after the first iPhone in 2007. Customers flocked to buy it anyway. "Why is the new plan so expensive?" they asked of the iPhone 3G last summer. Again, customers smiled through the criticisms.

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  • Maybe you just bought a Palm Pre, or you're a BlackBerry diehard. Now you see the new iPhone 3G S, and you're listening, incredulous, as all your iPhone 3G-owning friends are counting down the days until they can pay $200 or $300 to upgrade. Go ahead: admit it, you're a hater. Embrace it, even. And when the iPhone zombies come teething, here are the talking points that will save you.

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