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Vivienne Harr


With the power of social media, ten-year-old Vivienne Harr launched one lemonade stand into a global movement to combat child slavery. “Stand,” a socially innovative lemonade company, is a leading example of a new wave of hybrid “benefit” corporations dedicated to making charity their sales pitch. The company now sells their fairtrade, organic beverages online and in stores all over the world, dedicating five-percent of all gross revenues to leading organizations working to eradicate child slavery worldwide. Now, with the launch of the Stand mobile app, Vivienne is helping others to launch their own global crowdfunding campaigns instantly from their phones. Vivienne is the youngest person to ever be included in Town & Country’s "50 Most Influential Philanthropists in America” and give a featured TED talk. Of their 230 million users, Twitter chose Vivienne to ring the bell at their IPO because she represents what one person can do with humanity and technology.

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