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Uri Minkoff

Cofounder/CEO, Rebecca Minkoff | New York, NY

Connected to: Rebecca Minkoff

[Photo: care of Uri Minkoff]

Uri Minkoff is the CEO and cofounder of fashion label Rebecca Minkoff. Prior to founding the company alongside his sister, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minkoff helped found a number of health startups, including LifeWorks Wellness Center and, and worked as cofounder and CEO of software company Fortis, before taking on the CEO position at Rebecca Minkoff in 2005. In 2015, Minkoff became creative director of the company’s menswear line, Ben Minkoff, renaming it Uri Minkoff, and altering the line’s aesthetic to reflect a burgeoning interest among young men in minimalist, Scandinavian- and Japanese-inspired design.

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