• Working my way through this summer’s reading list, I enjoyed some great books and a few not so great.  One book in particular stands out as a major disappointment.  Scott Berkun’s  "the myths of innovation," is that book.  This book has received a lot of good commentary in the blogosphere.  So, you might ask why I found it so disappointing.

    In all fairness, this book is a pleasant read.  It is well written, and Berkun’s style connects with the reader.  So, what’s wrong with it?

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  • It's the magazine's tagline — and it's how Fast Company approaches business leadership and innovation. So I'm not surprised that ex-Microsofty Scott Berkun's new ChangeThis e-book piques my interest; it's entitled How to Manage Smart People.

    In an 18-page PDF, Berkun, who worked as an Internet Explorer program manager, offers several tips and tactics for working well with extremely talented people. Here's the short form:

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