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Pat Mitchell

President, CEO

Photo by Celine Grouard for Fast Company

As president and CEO of the Paley Center for Media since 2006, Mitchell has made it a big part of her business to recognize and celebrate the transformative muscle of social media to connect activists on every platform. She's rewired the institution formerly known as Museum of Television and Radio into a productive hive of programming and collaborations that move the needle on women’s issues and poverty alleviation. Among Mitchell's many projects using media and celebrity to amplify causes important to women, domestically and internationally, she championed the multi-platform philanthropic movement around the documentary Half the Sky, which follows the stories of amazing women from societies where sex trafficking, state-sanctioned rape, and the denial of basic human rights are standard fare. Now more than 40 years into her career, she was the first female to nationally syndicate her own show and the first woman president of PBS, and won a lifetime achievement award (which now bears her name) from the Women’s Media Center.

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