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Michael Phillips Moskowitz

chief curator

[Photo by: Chut Janthachotibutr]

As eBay’s chief curator and editorial director, Michael Phillips Moskowitz shares his broad expertise and carefully-honed style with eBay buyers and sellers, helping shoppers discover items that match their individual tastes and preferences. Part of this role is overseeing eBay Today: a daily destination for shopping inspiration, featuring curated collections of hand-picked items according to a theme, offering up a totally new way to shop and providing a view of some of the site’s most interesting items and the stories behind them. As an influential tastemaker and founder of the curated digital marketplace Bureau of Trade, Michael leverages his unique perspective of “exceptional goods with a story” to further define the voice of and connect shoppers to the things they need and love. Michael curates the best of the best from across the marketplace, making it easy for shoppers to browse and discover.