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Mark Crumpacker

Mark Crumpacker

Chief Creative & Development Officer, Chipotle

As CMO of Chipotle, Mark Crumpacker took a revolutionary approach to selling fast food: focus on the sustainability and the quality--and therefore the deliciousness--of the ingredients. To that end, Chipotle made waves (and won serious awards) in 2012 upon launching “Back to the Start,” a beautifully rendered and pointed two-minute film taking down the unethical practices of Big Agriculture. It followed that up in 2013 with "The Scarecrow," a visually delightful and moving short film and interactive game that continues to educate viewers about how food is mass-produced. Next up? Farmed and Dangerous, a satirical comedy series about industrial farming released on Hulu.

As people come to be more interested in where their food comes from, they will seek out better quality food.