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Katie Couric

Global news anchor, Yahoo | New York, NY

Connected to: Marissa Mayer

[Photo: Andrew Eccles]

Katie Couric is an author, talk show host, and journalist with more than 30 years experience in cable news. Before becoming Yahoo’s global news anchor at the request of CEO Marissa Mayer, Couric worked at all three major networks, including a 15-year stint as co-anchor of NBC’s Today show and 5 years as the first female anchor to host the CBS Evening News solo. Over the course of her career, Couric has interviewed a number of important cultural figures, including Valerie Plame, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Michelle Obama, John Kerry, Robert Gates, and Sarah Palin, whose interviews earned Couric the Walter Cronkite Award for Journalism Excellence for Special Achievement for National Impact in 2009.

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