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Julie Larson-Green

Chief Experience Officer, Microsoft | Bellevue, WA

Connected to: Qi Lu

[Photo: Brian Smale/Microsoft]

Julie Larson-Green is the chief experience officer at Microsoft, where she guides how users interact with the tech giant's products across platforms. Larson-Green has spent most of her career at Microsoft, where she's worked since 1993 and been an executive since 2006. In her two decades at Microsoft, Larson-Green has headed up experience for products like Internet Explorer, Windows, Xbox, and Office. She led an audacious revamp of Office's suite of products--the most expansive redesign in its history--in the form of Microsoft Office 2007. She was also the lead designer for Windows 8. Now as the company's chief experience officer of the applications and services group, she's responsible for the overarching experience of getting stuff done with Office and other tools on PCs, phones, wearables, and tablets.

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