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  • The last time we saw Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's former Internet guru and campaign manager, he was disheveled and sleep-deprived, hunched over a laptop behind a messy desk at the Dean for America headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. The pied piper of political activists, he commanded a staff of fervent and, this being Vermont, frequently tie-dyed youngsters, joyously engaged in the heady business of 'Taking Back America.'

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  • As campaigns director for MoveOn, Eli Pariser oversees a million-plus address email list comprising progressive activists. Zack Exley serves as MoveOn's organizing director, a position that allows him to combine his background in grassroots organizing with a long-time hobby and occasional career in technology.

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  • FC Now reader Mitch Ratcliffe contends that the recent Fast Company feature on Howard Dean's campaign manager Joe Trippi misses the point about the Dean campaign phenomenon. Ratcliffe characterizes the feature as "emphasizing the management of Joe Trippi rather than the collective efforts of tens of thousands of people that have produced the results the magazine celebrates as a triumph of management." Further:

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