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Jane Park

Founder and CEO, Julep

Jane Park's parents cried when the founder and CEO of Julep took her two Ivy League degrees and her executive experience at Starbucks and channeled it into owning and operating a nail parlor. With $56 million in venture capital, Jane has taken her passion for girl time and transformed her Seattle-based brick-and-mortar nail salons into a company leading the beauty industry in tech-savvy marketing and development. The stroke of genius that sets Julep apart from its competitors is Jane's focus on combining development and a mix of grassroots and social media marketing to customers in a way that re-creates a social salon atmosphere. The company recently released the "Plié Wand," an innovative nail-polishing tool created with the help of Ideo, and funded by their customers. Up next, Jane plans to expand customer outreach with a social beauty app.