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Chip Conley

Head of global hospitality and strategy, Airbnb

Chip Conley, along with fellow innovators Ian Schrager and Bill Kimpton, first introduced the boutique-hotel aesthetic. In 1987, Conley, a then-26-year-old Stanford business-school graduate with no hotel experience, raised $1 million to purchase and reinvent a seedy 1950s-era ­motor lodge in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Using his funky Phoenix as a model, Conley created more than 50 other unique and uncompromisingly authentic experiences, mostly in the Bay Area, under the umbrella of his Joie de Vivre brand. Younger leisure travelers gravitated toward Conley's refreshing departures from more staid business hotels and family-friendly motels that didn't speak to their needs. He came out of retirement to join Airbnb full time, helping to reimagine the $6 trillion travel business and, in the process, build the world's largest hospitality brand.

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