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Brad Smith

Chairman, CEO, Intuit | Mountain View, CA

Brad Smith is the chairman and CEO of tax preparation and financial management software company Intuit, which he has helmed since 2008. Prior to Intuit, Smith was an executive at multiple companies, including human resources provider ADP, 7-Up, and PepsiCo. As Intuit's chief executive, he's helped the company move from a suite of software to a full-service platform. To do that, he and his Intuit team tapped into what he calls a "network effects" platforms--allowing end users and developers to constantly iterate and improve Intuit's products, like the well-known QuickBooks. To mobilize the more than 7,7000 people that work at Intuit, Smith turned to an internal network: 170 staffers trained as "innovation catalysts." Distributed throughout the company, they spend about 10% of their time propagating new ideas and educating the rank and file about initiatives such as the network effects platform.

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