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Anthony Casalena

CEO/Founder, Squarespace | NYC

Anthony Casalena is the founder and CEO of Squarespace, the website-building, blogging, and hosting platform he created from his dorm room at the University of Maryland in 2004. For the first few years of his company's existence, Casalena was the company's sole engineer, designer, and support representative. Unlike most tech founders, Casalena didn't focus on growing the company until six years in. But once he did fix his sights on growth, the company quickly expanded. Squarespace now has more than 500 employees, and millions of websites have been built using its software. The company has raised about $80 million in capital to date and debuted a robust advertising campaign in 2014 with its first Super Bowl ad. But Casalena isn't just out to change the way we build websites--he wants to change how we express ourselves. Case in point: For a 2015 ad, Squarespace collaborated with actor Jeff Bridges to create a vinyl album for the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes--a 15-track ambient record designed to help you, well, sleep. Naturally, it had a Squarespace-built website.

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