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Masashi Kawamura

Art and film director Masashi Kawamura is cofounder and a creative director at Party, an upstart whose multimedia campaigns include turning 250 Canon cameras into strobe lights for Androp's "Bright Siren" music video.

"We didn't want to call ourselves an agency," Kawamura says of his firm, Party. "We were in the agency business for such a long time, and we got bored. There are so many different ways to communicate now. Interactive is definitely one of the tools. So we figured there must be a better process in developing creative communications using those technologies. We see it more like an experiment--what if we mix these seemingly unconnected things together? We don't know where it's really heading, but it's been about a year since we started our office, and we've been having a lot of fun."

He adds, "I used to always think I was making the final product. So if it was a music video, I thought I was making a music video. But now I see it a little bit differently. I feel like I'm trying to create this kind of visual experience, which also surrounds the music video I'm making. The before-and-after is part of what I'm creating. That's why I started the Androp video by showing how the cameras got wired together."

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