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Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Michael Karnjanaprakorn runs a startup that reverses an old adage and turns doers into teachers, letting them sign up to host a class on any skill. Some of his classes are both online and in person, while others are only in person.

"At Skillshare," he says, "That's exactly what we're trying to figure out: how that hybrid model of online and offline actually works. When I taught an online Skillshare class to 500 students, a lot of them were also meeting at in-person study groups to workshop ideas with one another. The connections and trust built through those physical interactions are very powerful.

"... Online learning has evolved around watching videos, which isn't engaging. Skillshare teachers have learned that teaching isn't really about teaching. A lot of them will tell students to read articles or watch videos before class, and then they'll meet for a workshop and sit down with students to make something together. A lot of the classes are very interactive like that, more than just a teacher lecturing."

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