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Rosario Dawson & Maria Teresa Kumar


With mobile tech and grassroots savvy, Dawson and Kumar encourage participation from a growing constituency

How can small changes drive results?

Dawson: "Whenever we do voter registration, we ask, ‘Why haven't you voted before?' The response is often, ‘No one's asked us.' It's not about telling people what to do--it's about sharing what they can do."
Kumar: "By simply sending young Latinos texts on Election Day, participation increased close to 8%."

In what way can you humanize politics?

Kumar: "We did a telenovela spoof so people could see themselves in it. It was very over the top. Rosario was about to get married to Wilmer Valderrama, but she learned he wasn't registered to vote."
Dawson: "My sister tells me, ‘Did you know that he's not registered?!' and I'm like, ‘I don't even know you!' to Wilmer."

How can tech be better leveraged in politics?

Kumar: "We have to spend a lot of our time getting people to register to vote, which we do with technology, but what should be happening is secretaries of state should allow everyone to register online."

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