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Jeremy Heimans


His consultancy launches social-minded campaigns, teams up with existing organizations, and occasionally incubates companies

How can small changes drive results?

"You need to change long-term attitudes and reduce barriers to taking action. For example, to change the behavior of big banks, we want to build demand for credit unions and local banks. So we need to make it more attractive for people to switch, like encouraging local banks to add more features."

In what way can you humanize politics?

"If you're trying to build a 21st-century movement, you really need amazing narrative storytelling to popularize the issue. Then you also need great user-experience design--a navigable website, an easy-to-share video---to help ensure that your work goes viral."

How can tech be better leveraged in politics?

"Tech is unlocking in people a sense of their own power. We released a video for a gay-marriage campaign in Australia a week before the governing party voted on whether to include gay marriage in its platform, and encouraged people to donate to get the video on TV before the vote. It worked."

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