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Rufus Griscom

Rufus Griscom is one-half of the husband-and-wife duo behind new-wave parenting site, which Disney acquired last fall for approximately $40 million.

"... Something that's been risky for us--and everyone in the online space--was making the decision to push content out to other platforms such as Facebook or the Huffington Post. That was scary at first. We worried, Are we giving away the baby? But we've concluded that it really is the right approach," Griscom says.

"If we have more comments on a Facebook post than on our own site, are we pushing the conversation or the audience away? But of the 6 million folks who come to Babble each month, about 35% are coming through social media--Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble­-Upon, and various aggregators. And we started to realize that a lot of these are actually filtering our content better than we are."

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