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Cindy Au

When the crowdfund-a-project site began, Cindy Au's job was to answer every single email. Now that even your mom has a Kickstarter and there are more than 4,500 active projects, here's how Au keeps members happy:

Think like a newspaper

Au divvied up her team like a Sunday paper--she hired specialists for film, art, books, and so forth. Au, a comics and video-game fan, kept the gaming projects.

Go where the creators are

At a gaming show in Boston in April, Au set up an arcade with games made by Kickstarter creators. It doubled as a networking hub. "A room of 15 creators is our best communication tool."

Get users to help each other

Successful creators have already begun advising newbies, and Au wants to formalize that. "We want creators to meet each other virtually, get customized feedback, and even do a project together."