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Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Claire Diaz-Ortiz amplifies the best uses of the hashtag empire, such as charity: water's 2012 campaign where people used their birthdays to fundraise for World Water Day. Her ideas and advice are now being packaged for businesses:

Twitter is not like issuing a press release

"You can't have a lot of people around a table to think about what's going in a tweet. Nonprofits know that the only thing they can do is word of mouth."

You are not Kanye West

"The whole world hasn't been waiting for you to log on. You need to bring the world to you. The top two things: Ask a question and try to help someone."

Tweet more than retweet

"RT'ing is the lazy man's tweet. You're not creating content."

Search for yourself

"People forget to search for others talking about them. You want to be able to jump in on a conversation that's happening about you."