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Fast Company Events

There are several ways to get involved with the Fast Company team and other readers and leaders around the world.

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Innovation Uncensored
Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored event embodies the ethos of our brand and represents the culmination of our work throughout the year. Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Every day on our website and in each issue of the magazine, we explore innovative groundbreaking business solutions across every industry.

With this event, we give attendees live access to top business visionaries and the companies to watch, with the goal to learn from and to be inspired by their practices and insight.

The event itself is a great conversation/debate starter, but the greater value is in taking attendees inside these stellar companies and teaching them something they don't know: surprising stats, smart techniques, best practices. Because in the end, we have an ulterior motive: inspiring attendees to lead their companies to make next year's Most Innovative Companies List.

Upcoming Conference Dates
April 18, 2012 - Innovation Uncensored, New York
Early November 2012 - Innovation Uncensored, San Francisco

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Most Creative People in Business
Join Fast Company for an eclectic gathering of the most creative minds in business culled from the pages of Fast Company. These progressive thinkers reveal how they are transforming industries from advertising to architecture, fashion to finance, technology to transportation, and in so doing, are reinventing the world we live in. By streamlining their experience through a unique philosophical prism, these imaginative and fearless explorers have found a broad spectrum of new opportunity that leads to what can only be called business enlightenment. Spend a day with us and change the way your brain works. Then go out and change the way your company works.

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