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"We’re not just focused on payments," says David Marcus, PayPal’s VP of mobile. "What happens before and after, that’s where things get interesting." Already available at more than 9 million web retailers, the eBay division recently introduced Access--think Facebook Connect for money--to make it easier for verified users to shop online. Now PayPal is partnering with Home Depot (among other retailers) to push its platform into the physical world. Its vision:

LOG IN FROM ANYWHERE Because PayPal lives in the cloud, you can access it from computers and tablets (for online purchases), and smartphones and kiosks (for in-store purchases).

SPEND MANY WAYS "We don’t want to be tethered to one technology," Marcus says, so PayPal intends to support everything from tap-to-pay consoles to entering a PIN code.

CHANGE HOW YOU PAY "We call it the 'oops' button," says Marcus of a mobile-wallet feature that gives customers anywhere from 7 to 30 days to change how they paid.

GET DETAILS YOU ACTUALLY WANT By tracking where you shop and what you buy (with your permission), PayPal can offer hypertargeted, location-based coupons at participating retailers.