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LegalZoom spent a decade making law firms’ easiest and most lucrative work--wills, uncontested divorces, and incorporations--available to all via easy online forms. Its new online consulting work goes even further to disrupt the $200 billion legal market.

NOT A LAW FIRM LegalZoom uses its tech platform to connect its customers, notably small businesses, to licensed attorneys. Last year, it built a network of 16 law firms and 70 attorneys, covering 40 states to offer advice.

TECH POWERED It arms these law firms with technology--online appointment scheduling, for example--as well as extensive customer-service training using the Net Promoter system.

LOW, FLAT FEES Customers pay $15 a month for personal advice or $30 a month for business help, receiving half-hour consultations to discuss employment law or trademark licensing. "It’s a thin-margin business, but we can deliver high volume," says CEO John Suh.

MORE TO COME These consultative services have attracted more than 70,000 customers, adding $12 million to LegalZoom’s estimated $200 million in 2011 reve­nue. "The next 10 years are about harnessing this platform," Suh says. "We have an insatiable appetite for disruption."