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To illustrate how much Twitter drove our global dialogue, we culled the most talked-about topics into a crossword puzzle below. Click here for the answers.
Across 01 Show that proved voting by text is so American Idol. 06 Punk'd himself off Twitter following misinformed remarks 07 Its aftershocks produced 1,200 tweets per minute 08 Hashtag that inspired such tweets as "Where the Mild Things Are" and "The Audacity of Hope Floats" 13 "AA was written for normal people. People that don’t have ______ and Adonis DNA." 14 Baldwin bro; had words over Words With Friends 17 99% of you should get this one: Abbr. 18 Hashtag that inspired the tweet "The, Departed: Following a dictionary error, the English language is forced to do without its most commonly used word." 21 Egypt’s first day of the rest of its life 23 Fashion powerhouse that staged a "tweetwalk" 24 Was Osama bin Laden’s least-favorite tweeter Down 02 Anger-management meme; tweets include "when you think just because you're taller than me I become your arm rest" and "asking questions when they can Google it" 03 First tweet: "Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there." 04 Jobs, creator 05 Filet-O-Fish, but fancy; yes, it actually exists 09 Nickname for Twitter’s "fly" interface rolled out in December 10 Do-good Wendy’s promotion; became the most lauded retweet of 2011 11 Oxymoronic meme; tweets include "I hate when people tell me, 'You're too pretty for tattoos' " 12 This pro hoopster brought the thunder in a flag football pickup game with his followers 14 The junk shot seen ’round the world--or at least on cable news and late-night talk shows during a slow-news summer 15 Scrooge-tastic meme; tweets include "a check dated 12-23-2015" and "a homemade doll made out of old pantyhose" 16 Follow Fryyy-day 19 Twitter queen who wasn't born with 17 million+ followers 20 Football's most-talked-about Cowboys 22 Lil' Kim (hint: not the rapper) Illustration by Peter Oumanski