For being the epitome of the data-driven disruptive startup.

Uber's "convenient, classy, reliable ride"—in the words of CEO and cofounder Travis Kalanick—fuses tech with cabs: Call a ride using its app or the web, and Uber's algorithms and sophisticated data analysis positions its cars to be there within minutes. Its clever marketing stunts earn customer loyalty and grab attention—though perhaps not as much as Kalanick's brashness as he challenges what he perceives to be outmoded local transportation laws.

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[Illustration by Rod Hunt]

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  • Jan Kalanda

    This is really astonishing to me. Doesn’t car service industry understand that if they don’t do something, they are done? Ubar just got 1. 2 billion, yes billion founding and what do you think Uber is going to do with that cash? They are going after you, there is no if or buts about it. There are entire countries that don't have that kind of funding. And there is a solution right before you travel/hospitality industry figure out long time ago and they are still competing between each other and car guys just siding there with thumbs up their you know what and complaining. Ubar is now operating in 128 cities and 37 countries around the world and if you hoping that some legality mumbo jumbo is going to stop them, then good luck and you deserve what’s coming. It only took uber 4 years to do it. That alone says something about car service industry that’s been around for 100 years and still can get their act together. ..Anyway, if you want solutions: jk10128@outlook.com