20_SeeChange Health

For making health—not health care costs—its top priority.

The simplest way to lower health care costs is also the hardest: encourage healthy behavior. That's the premise behind the insurance policies of SeeChange Health, which serves small employers and offers customers many discounts—depending on how healthy any one person works to be. "We know that can save a lot of money," says CEO Martin Watson. Before selling its own policies in 2010, it managed plans for larger insurers (which it still does). In one case, it incentivized 45% of diabetics to drop an average of 9 pounds, which led to a 19% drop in costs over two years. The company is now adding 2,200 members per month. In 2012, it says revenue increased sevenfold, to $54.2 million. That's healthy growth.

[Image: Flickr user Frans Persoon]

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  • Avoid SeeChange

    Avoid SeeChange Health as they engage in illegal activity with complete disregard for HIPAA rights and prefer to endanger a child’s life by denying and deferring care due to their costs even though this care is approved for years by esteemed and highly specialized Doctors. Their complete disregard for laws and a child’s life should result in their licenses being revoked. This is a health insurance all should avoid if they value life and have respect for the law. Their focus is GREED NOT CARE! Please avoid them and avoid the stress and financial harm they will do to your family!