For turning sustainability into science.

The fashion conglomerate owns 14 luxe brands, such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen. And by 2015, all of them will do something very unindulgent: Each will undergo a meticulous, unparalleled environmental review, publicly identifying waste and costs through-out its system. Then they'll adjust products and their production lines to make themselves greener. "It's not something that's in addition to what we're doing; it's completely at the core of what we are doing," says PPR chairman and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault.

What will this look like? "We want to act green in a unique way for each of the brands," says Jochen Zeitz, who launched the project. Puma was the first to undergo the accounting, and the result is a collection of shoes and accessories made from 100% biodegradable or recycled material. Other changes continue to roll out. But for higher-end brands, with customers less eager to try new materials, PPR will find other ways to save: LEED-certified offices and stores, eco-friendly packaging, and investments that offset carbon emissions.

[Flowers: Vorkot via Shutterstock]

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