Issue 98

September 2005



  • The CEO's New Clothes

    Forget autocrats and visionaries. Farsighted, tolerant, humane CEOs aren't just nice to work for. They deliver nice results, too.

  • Googlewhack

    When the Google backlash is in full effect, use this handy resource guide to determine when Google's mantra went from "Don't be evil" to "Be less evil than Microsoft."

  • The Lost Picture Show

    It's all in the presentation. With crying babies, bad screens and rude chatter at the theater, maybe Hollywood alone cannot be blamed for the box office slump.

  • The Art of the Off-site

    Just because corporate off-site activities have gotten better — think Outward Bound as opposed to falling into the arms of less-than-enthusiastic colleagues — doesn't mean planning one has become a cakewalk. We spoke with expert event planners who've handled shindigs for the likes of Cisco, Calvin Klein, and Target for pointers on planning a successful retreat.

  • Calling All Geeks

    At the office IT will handle it, but when the home network is down who do you call? These two businesses are on-call, and they don't come cheap.

  • Coke is What?

    The many faces of no-cal Coke show what can happen when market segmentation runs amok.

  • The Celebrity Cell

    Uh-oh. Is Jessica Simpson living in your brain? Researchers now know why we remember celebrity-filled ads. But do they work?

  • 60 Seconds with Greg Daniels

    Greg Daniels, who's in charge of the U.S. version of The Office, (sadly) finds inspiration for his sitcom in office parks everywhere.

  • Six Sigma Stigma

    Ask Japanese carmaker about Six Sigma, and you'll be speaking Greek to them.

  • In Good Company

    Even as more and more companies are jumping on the blogwagon, very few get it right. These company blogs give customers, partners, and recruits an authentic peek inside.

  • Datebook

    Critical calendar listings for September 2005.

Fast Talk

  • Fast Talk: Leading Through Limbo

    It's a leader's toughest test: urging people forward when their future is in doubt. Here, five leaders talk about trusting your instincts, keeping people informed, and finding strength in your darkest hours.

From the Editor

  • On Leading and Failing

    It may seem odd to feature two major stories on failure in a leadership issue. But the very essence of leadership is dealing with our failings and fumbles in pursuit of our ideals. So it is that we offer up a compelling narrative of a unique leader who falls from power, moves through the difficult stages of grief, and learns how to make sense of it all. And we also have a surprising story on how automaker Chrysler, which has always been at its best when its back was to the wall, is taking the lessons of disaster and making them company policy.

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